Thursday 20 December 2012

Czech Scrolls at Limmud UK 2012

If you're planning to be at Limmud UK next week at Warwick University, why not check out the MST presentation? You may find it in the catalogue under "The Czech Scrolls - a second life". This is how they catalogued us:

The Czech scrolls - a second life
Ariel Friedlander
Location:  Ram 2
Tracks:  Now & Then
Type:  Lecture
The Memorial Scroll Trust's collection of 1564 Torah scrolls from Czechoslovakia are almost all that was left of the Jewish communities of Bohemia and Moravia after the Shoah. What roles may and do they play currently in the lives of congregations and organisations across the world?

What, you'd like a date and time as well? Ok ... next Wednesday 26th December at 22:15. See you there!

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